Domaine René Berrod Fleurie, France 2018


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Fleurie is the most well-known of the 10 Beaujolais Cru (the best 10 villages in Beaujolais for wine production) and this is a classic example from the heart of Fleurie where Rene Berrod and his children run their domaine. The family efforts have been rewarded by international praise from both sides of the Atlantic, but this is not what drives Rene on. It is the desire to retain the link between the soil and the resultant wine, always striving to express his wondrous terroir in every glass he pours.

The vines are planted on steep, sunny, southwest-facing slopes and are on average 50 years of age which really adds to the quality of the juice. Ripening here is very early and Berrod selects only perfectly mature fruit. The choice to hand-harvest was based on quality as this allows the grapes to be selected and brought to the winery in the best condition thus less sulphur is required. The wine isn’t oak aged and therefore is a very pure representation of the land while at the same time has a semi carbonic maceration which means the wine is full of bright vibrant fruit characteristics.

This wine offers a spectrum of aromas, from red fruits to blackcurrant and bilberries with notes of cocoa, coffee and cedar. Velvety smooth and elegant supple tannin and balanced acidity giving elegant structure and texture to the wine and ripe, generous fruit filling the palate.

This is beautiful with roasted white meats (a favourite in our household for roast turkey with all the trimmings) and roast lamb works equally well as does grilled tuna steak with bean and tomato salad.

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