Feudo Antico, Altopiano Bianco, Biologico, Abruzzo, Italy 2019


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Feudo Antico was created on a small plot of land in the heart of Abruzzo. It is in Italy’s smallest PDO (Protected designation of origin) and the first designation of its kind in Abruzzo. The winery was launched in 2004 with the goal of reviving once-thriving indigenous grape varieties while also farming them organically. Starting from the 2013 vintage, all wines are Magis certified, the most advanced project for the sustainability of wine production in Italy. Only organic or low environmental impact winemaking techniques are used.

Currently their 15 hectares are cultivated using native varieties producing limited yields to ensure quality is retained. The land here is extremely well respected and this attitude is continued in the winery where the fruit and wine come into contact with no wood whatsoever. This guarantees the purity of the fruit and its flavours, are conveyed from the vineyard direct to the glass.

This rugged mountainous region has the Appenines running along its western border, protecting the vineyards from those western storms whilst the proximity to the Adriatic helps to cool the vineyards and allows the grapes to retain their freshness and acidity.

Made from 100% Trebbiano, one of the most widely planted white grapes in Italy, winemaker Riccardo Brighina thrives to create a fresh and fruity wine. Floral notes are accompanied with an array of fruit characteristics including apricot, zesty green apple, white peach and lemon layered with saline minerality.

Served nice and chilled, this is a perfect match for traditional Italian white pizza, seafood pasta, Caprese salad or pasta with fresh pesto.

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